Character Analysis Of George In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Although it is depicted clearly that Candy is unsettled with the thought of his dog being shot, Candy, “softly and hopelessly,” tells Carlson he may shoot the dog. Although Candy was allowed to decide the fate of his dog, the overall judgement is biased. Alternatively, beliefs of the majority are considered more valuable to Candy than his own. Furthermore, this is caused by peer pressure. In “Of Mice and Men,” Candy is portrayed as an old man whose worst fear is to not be accepted and “disposed of” like his dog. Ergo, he felt the same as his dog being they had both grown old together. He did not want to be uncared for because he is elderly and crippled like his dog. Moreover, because Candy had grown old with the dog, he doesn’t know what life…show more content…
This is used as a symbolism for the reader to assume that George is also smart. Thus, the reader can assume that George is smart. George is also portrayed as being short. While the taller characters are usually the leaders, George is made a short character which breaks symbolic stereotypes. Furthermore, George is described with eyes that never rest which means that George is very observant of what is happening around him. Additionally, George walks in front of Lenny, and therefore the reader can assume that George is superior to Lenny and is also the leader and decision maker of the relationship. Alternatively Lenny is portrayed with undefined features which is symbolism to show that Lenny is not very bright. Moreover, Lenny is tall which contributes towards Steinbeck breaking symbolic stereotypes. Lenny’s sloped shoulders and dragging feet show that he is insecure about himself and lacking confidence. By the end of the book, this could symbolize the events of the modern world during the time it was written because of the harsh economic problems that occurred during the time. With the arrival of the great depression, the survival of the fittest was the prime key to survival. Each person had to compete against one another to get and maintain jobs and buying food first while knowing that it could result in ruining someone else's life due to the low amount of jobs and
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