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In the novel Hatchet, written by Gary Paulsen, the main character Brian is flying to his dad’s house and suddenly the pilot has a heart attack. Brian didn’t know how to fly the plane or didn’t know where he was going, but the plane crashed. Brian was stranded in the middle of nowhere. While he is stranded he displays quite a few character traits to the reader. The three that he shows the most I think is committed, courageous, and hard-working. These are the traits that Brian possesses in the novel and help him survive. There is many evidence to back up these traits that I choose for Brian. Brian shows the character trait committed many times throughout the book. One example is on page 124 when the author states, “The basic idea had been good, the place for his shelter was right, but he just hadn’t gone far enough. He’d been lazy- but know he knew the second most important thing about nature, what drives nature. Food was first, but the work for food went on and on. Nothing in nature was lazy. He tried to take a shortcut and paid for it….” This means that Brian knows what he has to do to survive and he is willing to do it. This shows how he is committed because he recognized his mistake and is now learning from it by not taking shortcuts anymore and that shows he is fully committed to surviving. He also shows the character trait committed on page 51 when Brian states, “I have to get motivated…. Right now I’m all I got.” This means that Brian is going to get motivated so he can survive and someone wouldn't do that unless there committed to doing it. In Brian’s case he is committed to surviving and not giving up by motivating himself. The next character trait I chose for Brian is courageous and there is many reasons why I think this. First off, on page . it states, “A brushing sound, a slithering brushing sound near his feet-and he kicked out as hard as he could, kicked out and threw his hatchet at the sound, a noise coming from his throat. But the hatched missed… his leg was instantly torn with pain as if a hundred needles had been driven into him.” This shows that he is courageous because he went after something that he didn’t even have a clue what it was. Not everyone would do that; most people would

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