Character Analysis Of Indian Killer By Sherman Alexie

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Indian Killer by Sherman Alexie is a gut-wrenching novel centered around the storyline of an unknown killer who has a strong and evident motive for kidnapping and killing people, remaining ubiquitous throughout the novel's progression. The killer takes interest in people, consisting mostly of white men. A deep burning fire within the killer has an extensive connection with the complexity of tension between whites and Indians, as radio host Truck Schultz states through multiple broadcasts. Likewise, the novel has another character that stands out, John Smith. Sherman's novel has two killers, John Smith and Marie Polatkin, who share very identical qualities such as an equal level of hatred towards the average white male and a strong sense of anger issues. John Smith, an Indian male, is the main character who is diagnosed with a state of paranoia very early on in the story. Information like this is very critical to the definition of John’s personality and it becomes highly developed as time goes on. When John was working as a construction worker assigned to the last skyscraper in Seattle, he would start to hear and see things, which seemed normal to him. To explain why he would hear and see things, Alexie claims that when he was in the middle of a work day, he suddenly covered his ears. Unfortunately, it only happened when he was alone. John also claims to know precisely when the music that he hears started; about the age of ten. John states that “He knew this music was written

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