Character Analysis Of Jack In Lord Of The Flies

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Humans, the civil species that dominate the planet. Made up of a complex composition, humans consist of many layers, one being a primitive instinct which can possess our humanity under certain conditions. In many novels, there is a particular character who represents evil or trouble. In William Golding's novel Lord of the Flies, the character Jack symbolizes this darkness and internal wickedness of the human soul itself, and demonstrates how it can become unleashed and completely consume a mortal being. Digging down to illustrate Jack’s character reveals him as egomaniacal, ruthless, and cold blooded. However, the word which sums him up as a whole is definitely belligerent. Jack had felt a strong jealousy towards Ralph, who was chosen as chief, after a group of school boys became stranded on an island, and had shattered the boys’ innocence and humanity with his savagery. The exact definition of belligerent is “hostile and aggressive,” with synonyms of antagonist and warlike, which describes Jack without a doubt. If it wasn't for Jack, the boys might’ve had a chance to keep a sense of who they were. Instead, Jack withdrew the darkest and most evil side of human nature, and will always remain an active side of him. Jack is belligerent for his inner desire and jealousy to be chief, from the moment the boys became stranded. This lust for power is revealed after Ralph won the majority of votes to become chief, “The freckles on Jack’s face disappeared under a blush of mortification” (Golding 23). The word mortification, in this case, has a meaning beyond embarrassment. Jack’s feeling of mortification indicates his extreme loss of respect for himself, and clearly made him feel deeply humiliated, to the maximum level where he felt stripped of who he was, a leader. When unveiling Jack’s layers, the reader can come to realize Jack’s purpose of becoming chief was not just to have complete domination, but to satisfy his vengeful jealousy he had developed in the beginning when Ralph was voted over Jack for chief. Jack’s hurt ego drove him to redeem himself and prove the boys were wrong to not choose him for chief.. When Jack stole power from Ralph, he warped into a savage and wild being, thirsty to kill and take over the
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