Character Analysis Of Kenneth Grahame's The Wind In The Willows

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The novel The Wind in the Willows portrayed numerous aspects of the author Kenneth Grahame’s life within its contents. Some of these aspects included social, psychological, and other components of the author's life. Within his book parts of his life included were the people from his life. These people were Kenneth Grahame’s father, his son Alastair, and his friend Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch. One of the people from his life who was transformed into a memorable character was his son Alastair. The Wind in the Willows was a novel based on bedtime stories about the character named Toad, the stories of which were told to Alastair in effort to soothe him to sleep. When Kenneth took the stories and adapted them into a novel, he used qualities from his son and used them in the character Mole. Mole could easily be described as a mild mannered, as well as home loving animal. He was the first character to be introduced in the story. Within the first chapter of the novel Mole ventured outside of his underground home. Soon after coming outside Mole realized the fast moving pace of life around the riverbank. Although cautious at first, Mole soon adapted with help from his new found friends. Since birth Alastair had complications that made life increasingly more difficult as he grew up. One of the largest complications that was faced by Alastair was that he was blinded in one eye since birth. While also faced with other disabilities, Alastair’s problem was the blindness he retained. Similar to how Mole adapted to his surroundings by the riverbank, Alastair adapted to life with disabilities while keeping a mild mannered attitude. In addition to the adaptation, Alastair accepted help from many people like his father and mother like Mole accepted help from his friends. Mole went through complications as well throughout the chapters within the novel. One of these complications is how when Mole became impatient to meet Badger and went off on his own to find him, leading to him becoming lost in the woods until his friend Rat finds him. A complication similar to what Mole went through was how Alastair got ejected from many different schools until finally a school called Christ Church accepted him. This memorable character of Mole can

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