Character Analysis Of Lt. Cross

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Sharneka Parker
ENGL 2010
Valerie Belew
1. Provide a character analysis of Lt. Cross in “The Things They Carried.”(20 pts.)
• In the story “The Things They Carried” by Tim O’Brien, Lt. Cross is a young soldier who like many others was drafted into the war. Though he is the leader of the Alpha Company, he doesn’t show it, he is not emotionally nor patriotically devoted. Lt. Cross was distracted from the war that was going on by his feelings for Martha whose letters and photos were a fantasy to him. “Whenever he looked at the photographs, he thought of new things he should’ve done” (O’Brien 470). As the war goes on Cross becomes a dynamic character. The death of Ted Lavender served as a reality check to Lt. Cross and he began to
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3. Discuss irony in “Saboteur.” (20 pts.)
• In the story “Saboteur” by Ha Jin there are multiple ironic events that happen throughout the story. The name of the story is ironic because the word Saboteur is used for one who intentionally obstructs something. In the beginning of the story, Mr. Chiu who is a communist is arrested for confronting a police officer who purposefully throws a bowl of tea on him and his wife's sandals; it is then that he becomes a saboteur to the public. “... You’re a saboteur, you know that? You’re disrupting public order” (Jin 309). While in jail Mr. Chiu realizes that his Hepatitis is relapsing but when he tries to tell the authorities (who are supposed to help and protect us) they tell him that they cannot do anything for him so he has to sit until Monday. “No leader is on duty on the weekend. You have to wait till Monday” (Jin 312). After Mr. Chiu is released, he visits food stands and ends up contaminating innocent people with Hepatitis as revenge for what they put him through. “Within a month over eight hundred people contracted acute hepatitis in Muji. Six die of the disease” (Jin 316).

4. What is the symbolism of the use of “two” in “Hills like White Elephants?”
• By using the word “two” throughout the story it makes it seem as if they do not want to be a family of three because they are happy with it just being them two. They had “... two glasses of beer and two felt pads”
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