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For this hero analysis, I chose to study Moana, the protagonist of the Disney film, Moana. The story follows two storylines, Moana’s, which is about her transition from childhood to adulthood, and Maui’s which follows his comeback from his ruined hero position. Moana is the daughter of the chief of Motunui. From the start, Moana is taught to be a proper leader of her tribe and is made to follow her father’s footsteps. Although she loves her village and her people, she craves to be by the sea and go beyond the reef. Moana embodies many of characteristics of a romantic hero, is that she is human but is able to communicate and partially control the ocean, she is helped by Maui and his demigod powers, and Te Fiti with her Goddess powers. Moana also has a trait of a tragic hero, in that her flaw is how she doesn’t know her true identity.
At a young age, Moana was “chosen” by the ocean who gave her the Heart of Te Fiti. As Moana is only two years old and drops the stone and the heart is slowly forgotten. A few years later is when Moana receives her “call” from the ocean. Her call to adventure is to travel beyond the reef, which is forbidden in her village. Moana’s father pushes that she needs nothing outside of her village and that the island is her home. However, she still feels the pull from her call to adventure beyond her reef. Moana’s grandmother, on the other hand, pushes Moana’s rebellion against the reef rules and shows her a hidden cave full of boats and canoes from

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