Character Analysis Of My Big Fat Greek Wedding

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My Big Fat Greek Wedding is narrated by Toula Portokalos, who just like all Greek ladies, she says, was put upon this world for three purposes: to be with a Greek man, to have Greek babies, and to feed everybody until the day she bites the dust. Toula is single, and works in the family eatery (Dancing Zorbas), where, as she clarifies, she is not a server, but rather a "seating leader." One day a person with the terrifically non-Greek name of Ian Miller (John Corbett) strolls in, and she knows intuitively that marriage is thinkable. While going to class, she is given the chance to work at her close relative's travel office. Toula's career changes, as well as her confidence and love life as well. She becomes hopelessly enamored with a…show more content…
Toula's dad at that point grumbles about Ian's family being excessively dry. Notwithstanding making a reference to being taken a gander at as though they were in a zoo. At the supper when Ian's folks brought a Bundt cake, Toula's family expected it had a gap in the center and filled it. Another issue is they were stunned at the way that Ian is a vegan. As the gathering proceeds with things begin to shake up, Toula's auntie served Ian's folks hard alcohol making them get tanked and have great time. Ian's dad notwithstanding getting on each of the fours while his significant other rode on his back. Toula's dad still was not cheerful, and was annoyed with his family to accept them. He felt double-crossed, dismisses and did not need his little girl to wed this man. Toula goes to see Ian and says she simply needs to go and get hitched and all she needs is for her family to like him. He answers by disclosing to her he would do whatever it takes to be enjoyed by them. In the movie, the social contrasts are not seen in a negative light. Toula has individual issues with her legacy, and this is what is pushing her far from her family. By becoming hopelessly enamored with Ian, who is outside their Greek culture, Toula winds up propelling herself far from her folks, particularly her dad. With the end goal for Toula to conquer the issues she has with her way of life she goes into the

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