Character Analysis Of Night By Elie Wiesel

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1. Many scenarios and events take place that foreshadow the dangers that are coming to the people of Sighet, such as the deportation of foreign Jews from Sighet, the Fascist party seizing power, (resulting in a new government) Eliezer's close friend, Moshe the Beadle, escapes bringing his information and warnings, news about growing tension and Anti-Semitic acts in Budapest, and even more so the fact Germans arrived and the Jerdict had been sent out foreshadows grave danger. I believe that the people of Sighet, including Eliezer's family, ignore and overlook these things because they constantly reassure themselves that they are safe by saying "we even thought ourselves rather well off; we were entirely self contained." Although things are grim, the Jews of Sighet hold on to false hope that they will be saved soon, And in doing so, they conjure up excuses to the warnings of people like Moshe and tell one another that he has "gone mad." They refuse to open their eyes to see what is down the road to better prepare themselves. 2. Madame Schächter is a character used by Wiesel to foreshadow future events, and she is used to visually demonstrate the extent of how an experience can make an individual emotionally and mentally terrified. This also produces an anger in the victims on board who try to silence her voice showing that they develop a level of power in the life where they lack it causing them to tie her up, gag, and beat her. In this way, the inclusion of her character
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