Character Analysis Of Night In Night By Elie Wiesel

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What would you do if you were trapped in a labor camp because of your religion? That is exactly what happened to Elie Wiesel. In “Night”, the book he wrote about his experience in Auschwitz, Elie recounts the horrifying things that happened to him during this trying time in his life. He was greatly affected by what he witnessed there. Before being deported to the concentration camp, he had many desirable character traits. For instance, “Please, sir… I’d like to be near my father.” (Wiesel, 50). This shows that Elie is caring because he wants to monitor his father and protect him from harm. He maintains this deep care and concern for his father throughout the book. Additionally,“I moved closer and had a glimpse of Idek and a young Polish girl.” (Wiesel, 56) shows that he is also curious because he goes to the noises he is hearing instead of away from them. Although this incident occurred during his time at Auschwitz, it is still one of Elie’s good traits because it allows him to be more observant and aware of what is happening around him. Finally, “And most important, don’t be afraid!” That was a piece of advice we would have loved to be able to follow” (Wiesel, ` 71). Prior to his character being changed majorly, Elie and the other prisoners had to endure the selection. The selection is a process the Nazis used to weed the weakest inmates from the strongest by forcing them to complete laborious tasks. Naturally, he was scared of what the outcome might be. While this may not
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