Character Analysis Of Night In Night By Elie Wiesel

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Have you ever changed or have the people around you changed out of survival? People who survived the holocaust changed because of what they went through so they could survive. Just like Elie he survived Auschwitz and he will never be the same person he was before the concentration camps. In “Night” by Elie Wiesel, the main character, Elie developed into a new person through his experiences at Auschwitz Concentration Camp and survived. Before he was exiled to a concentration camp, Elie exhibited some character traits that he has had from day 1, such as he felt guilty, disciplined, and a great listener. As Elie stated in his book, “ He wanted to drive the idea of studying Kabbalah from my mind. In vain. I succeeded on my own finding a…show more content…
He was raised to listen, be respectful, be a great listener and more, which is all a part of being disciplined. Not only was he disciplined, but a great listener, and he felt guilty also, he never let go of these character traits throughout the book. Elie has lots of character traits that helped him get through Auschwitz, such as resourceful, traitor, and determined. In Night, Elie states “I went back a week later. With the same excuse: I still was not feeling better” (52). Elie came up with excuses to get out of getting his gold crown out. He got resourceful and came up with the idea to keep making an excuse that he was not feeling well, until they got a new doctor and he got to keep his gold crown. He used what he already had to get more out of people later and use his tooth as an advantage. Not only was he resourceful but he was also a traitor. Elie just let his father die and his father was still breathing yet he didn’t move.“My father groaned once more, I heard: ‘Eliezer…’ I could see that he was still breathing- in gaps. I didn’t move” (Wisel 111). He just let his father died and didn’t even try to help him and he died and his last words were “Eliezer…”, but he is thinking for his own future and if he will live or not. He betrayed and was a traitor to his father and didn’t even say goodbye. He was also very determined on living as said by Elie in the expert from his book, “‘Listen to me, kid. Don’t forget you are in a
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