Character Analysis Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey '

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This main character is a hero that has all the elements of an epic hero. He has supernatural abilities, he faces many magical being such as monsters or sorceresses, and he is tested in multiple ways to exhibit his abilities. His name is Odysseus. Odysseus encounters many obstacles on the way home. He gets passed every obstacle he has came across so far.

Odysseus is a person that possesses supernatural abilities or qualities and he shows that throughout the story. He is skilled in all ways of contending (page 651). This shows that one of his qualities is being skilled at contending in events. Odysseus was also a quick thinker. He escapes from the cyclopes by hiding under sheep (book 9). This shows that he can think quickly to get himself and his crew out of tough events. These reasons show that Odysseus is a person that possesses supernatural abilities or qualities. He got passed all of them.

Throughout the story Odysseus faces many magical beings such as monsters and sorceresses. One magical being that Odysseus faces is Calypso. She keeps him on her island for 8 years. “ I kept him here for years”(page 651). This shows that Calypso was holding Odysseus back from completing his return home …show more content…

One of his tests is not going to the sirens. It’s a test because the sirens send out this lovely and seductive song that promise to reveal the future (book 12). This shows a test that he went through. If he would’ve went to the sirens it could have been bad for him. Another test Odysseus goes through is the cyclops, Polyphemus. Polyphemus traps Odysseus and some of his men in a cave and eats two of them, then imprisoned Odysseus who later escaped with some of his men(book 9). This shows that Polyphemus tested him by trapping him. He overcame that test by planning a smart escape plan and he eventually got away. Odysseus is tested multiple times but also overcame those

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