Character Analysis Of Othello

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Othello is one of the greatest plays due to its variety of character and themes. The immorality seen in Iago, the gullibility in Othello, and the desperation of Desdemona make the story. The theme of social status plays a huge role in the story. In addition, the theme of appearance versus reality also plays a huge role in how each tragedy happens. In the critical essay “Othello” it discusses the idea that the characters are cast as outsiders due to false interpretation of what is happening or what is being said. On the other hand, the piece “Othello Character Analysis” emphasizes how characterization reflects the greatness of the piece. In the critical essay “Othello” by Drama for Students it recognizes the struggles characters face with society’s standards. It explains the importance culture plays on each character’s decision. It is believed that characters who experience conflict are a perhaps a result from not, “understanding the values and assumptions that shape the reality of [cultural values]” (“Othello”). I agree that delusion sometimes gets the best of characters. Throughout the Novel Othello provides a prime example of delusion. In addition, a factor of his downfall is a result of the insecurity he feels from society. He ends up being blinded by what society thinks and the stress gets to him. The reflection of the culture is seen throughout some things Iago says. Iago decides to anger Desdemona’s father by telling him that she, “[is] covered with a Barbary horse” (Shakespeare). We learn that this behavior is normal among most of the characters. The comparison to Othello as an “African horse” reveals the levels of respect the people of Venice show towards him. Moreover, the insecurity revealed in Othello reveals a reflection of delusion due to accepting assumptions made by society. In regard to, the themes of prejudice against another race, and the importance of social, cultural influences Othello may be considered, “Shakespeare’s most innovative tragedy regarding [these themes]” (“Othello’). For the time the play was published Othello was possibly the most innovative strategy. Othello followed the formula of Shakespeare’s other tragedies, but the overall theme of race was expressed. This made Othello

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