Character Analysis Of Paul In Tangerine By Edward Bloor

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Imagine waking up every morning smelling smoke from a muck fire that will never go away. In the book, Tangerine by Edward Bloor, the main character, Paul Fisher, faces many choices that affect him in positive and negative ways. Paul is a young boy that has the struggle of moving from Houston, Texas to Tangerine, Florida. This can be a hard change for anybody. Paul makes many decisions that affect himself. First, he tells the police on Erik for being involved with the death of Luis Cruz, two he choses to go to Tangerine Middle school because he did not need an iep anymore so he had the opportunity to play soccer, and finally he decides to jump on coach Warner’s back . The choices Paul makes, and the consequences of those choices, affect the development of his character.…show more content…
Paul was going to go to Lake Windsor Middle School but because he had an iep he wasn’t allowed to play soccer. As a result, Paul saw that he could go to Tangerine Middle instead. He went for it because if he went to Tangerine Middle School he would not need an iep anymore and overall he would get to play soccer. He also made new friends and everyone seemed to be really nice. ’’We understand what a strain this will put on everyone’’(93-94).What this means is that there is a big confusion on if you can stay in the school or you have to transfer to Tangerine.All in all, Paul moving schools was a decision that was his choice and he chose to go to

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