Character Analysis Of Percy Jackson's 'The Lightning Thief'

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2010 disgraced us with one of the worst book to film adaptations ever to hit the silver screen, Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief. The movie made many mistakes in not only the plot, but fundamental things about the main characters. Chris Columbus, the director, then tried to redeem himself in 2013, but The Sea of Monsters was just about as bad as The Lightning Thief. This paper will be detailing the physical, mental, personality traits and character development of Annabeth Chase, that got lost in the adaptation. In the books Annabeth Chase is a tan twelve year old with stormy grey eyes and blonde princess curls (Riordan). The only thing that the movie got right was Annabeth 's eye color. Chris Columbus, the director of…show more content…
Daddario’s Annabeth is seen to be a good fighter and somewhat tactical, but the wittiness of the original Annabeth Chase is missing (Riordan). A lot of the time book Annabeth would throw out witty lines, calling Percy seaweed brain, a nickname that stuck with him throughout the entire series, this aspect of her character is something that is sorely missed in the films (N.). In addition to the other differences previously expressed, (those of the physical and mental variety) there are many differences in Annabeth’s personality as well. In the book Annabeth is very outspoken, when she has an opinion the others will know it. Annabeth will especially let Percy know what she thinks of him, and is somewhat bossy. In one particular scene the gang is trying to make friends with a poodle, both Grover and Annabeth have both been friendly towards the dog, but Percy doesn’t want to say hi to the pink poodle, but Annabeth pushes him into it. On the other hand, Daddario’s Annabeth isn’t outspoken or bossy at all, in fact, she hardly gets any lines (Riordan). The lines that are given to Annabeth in the movie are often just used to further the plot, not really giving her much of a personality. Another main aspect of Annabeth’s personality that is missing is her love for Architecture. This is a huge part of the books, as she later becomes the architect of olympus, and sees buildings that she has designed in her siren visions

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