Character Analysis Of Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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In the epic poem of “ Sir Gawain and the Green Knight “, The character Sir Gawain change his personality through temptation. Sir Gawain goes on an epic adventure, he is a knight of his uncles King Arthur's Round Table. A stranger called the Green Knight comes into town challenging people as he goes. Gawain. The Green Knight is a supernatural character who is green from head to to toe. This enormous Green Knight wants to play the beheading game with anyone who will accept the same fate within a year time. With no hesitations , Sir Gawain stands up to accept the game. Gawain cuts the knights head off with one try. Not knowing that the knight is supernatural in all abilities the knight gets up and put his head back on. The Green Knight reminds Gawain of the deal and the meeting place at the Green Chapel. Gawain adventure begins and while doing so he comes across Lord Bertilak's Castle where he stays as a guest with the Lord and his wife. While staying at the castle he accepts yet another challenge with Lord Bertilak. Lord Bertilak challenge conflicted of he would give Gawin whatever he caught during his hunts and whatever Gawain got or received during that day. While the Lord Bertilak is hunting , so does his wife or in other words seduces Sir Gawain. There are three different hunts that took place during his stay. These hunts also represent the three different levels of temptations aimed at Gawain by the Lady Bertilak. Within each hunt their is a short of similarity
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