Character Analysis Of Skellig

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The novel, Skellig by David Almond, is a story of a boy called Michael who discovers a strange creature in his garage. Michael is currently caring for his sick baby sister who is visited by Doctor Dan, who Michael mocks as “Doctor Death”. The reasoning for this is because of the black spots on his hands and of his pale and gray face. Michael is correspondingly upset about moving houses and about leaving his friends behind. Michael shows loneliness, unhappiness and he is worried at the beginning, because Michael of the emotions and the characters in the novel. At the beginning of the book Michael is unhappy because he had just moved into a rotten house and on the top of that Michael is worrying about his ill sister which I believe is on the edge of death. Secondly, when Michael…show more content…
When Michael’s first takes mina to see Skellig. This is relevant in a conversation between Mina and Michael. “She gazed into me.”
“You were outside,’ she said. ‘There was an eerie light. You were very pale. There were cobwebs and flies all over you. You were hooting, just like an owl.” “We stared at each other”
They begin to work together to help Skellig when Michael first said, “I took a bottle of brown ale from the fridge and hid it with my torch just inside the garage door. I got my Swiss army knife from my room. I took a handful of cod liver oil capsules from the bathroom and put it into my pocket.” This is because Michael is going to show mina Skellig for the first time and he preparing to see Skellig. This quote is relevant that Michael and mina become better friends is that are working together to help Skellig as a team, so they get to know one another more and they spend much more time together while helping Skellig. I think this makes Michael relived as has one less person to tell who the strange creature is living in his garage. Therefore we can understand that Michael and mina are becoming better friends to help
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