Character Analysis Of Someone Knows My Name

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Someone Knows My Name by Lawrence Hill is a fantastically written fictional slave narrative. In the story, Aminata Diallo (the protagonist) is kidnapped from her home village of Bayo as a young girl. The story tells of the hardships Aminata faces throughout her journey of going from slave to free woman. Many characters are introduced throughout the story. Some characters were kind and helpful, such as Georgia and Captain John Clarkson. And other characters are not as kind, such as Mr.Appleby and Solomon Lindor. The character that showed the most potential is the protagonist, Aminata Diallo. This is due to Aminata’s many great attributes that make her exceedingly influential. In this essay, I will explain why the character I would like to be is Aminata Diallo. Throughout the entire story, Aminata faces many hardships. It seems as if each time life is finally beginning to look less miserable, Aminata is blindsided by heartbreaking situations. And although Aminata is continuously tasked with facing these situations, she still manages to flourish and never lose hope. In the story, Aminata is kidnapped from her home village of Bayo in West Africa and witnesses the death of both her parents. She is sold into the slave trade along with her husband Cheruka. She is raped and publicly humiliated by her first owner Mr. Appleby. And both of her children ( Her son Mamadu and her daughter May) are taken from her. Her husband Cheruka drowned at sea due to his ship being swept away to
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