Character Analysis Of Sredni Vashtar

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Imagination empowers youth in each corner of the globe. From children’s stories to finger painting, children use their imaginations to conceive unique ideas. From these ideas, worlds are created that adults would never dream of. Most children have creative imaginations, but none are as creative as Conradin is in the short story “Sredni Vashtar.” The story takes place in a mansion and garden that is owned by Mrs. de Ropp, Conradin’s guardian. Similarly, Conradin is the proud owner of the Houdan hen and Sredni Vashtar, the polecat-ferret he worships and fears. Conradin is the protagonist of the story, and he is transformed into a different child by the end of the tale. Conradin is both a dynamic character and a round character due to the changes he undergoes. A dynamic character is a character who experiences an internal change. Also, a round character is a character who is developed. For example, when Mrs. de Ropp sells the Houdan Hen, Conradin is hurt, but will not show it. During this event, Conradin’s transformation from a weak, innocent boy to a child who’s hatred begins to take control of his mind (paragraph 5). Also, when Conradin begins to pray to Sredni for Mrs. de Ropp to die, the reader is unaware of his murderous intentions. In the beginning of the story, Conradin would never dare to pray such awful prayers, but now he is developing into a malicious character (paragraph 9). In both of these instances, Conradin is undergoing inner changes. Upon first reading
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