Character Analysis Of Stewie Griffin From Family Guy

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Even though he may be a cartoon Stewie Griffin from Family Guy is the only fictional character I would be honored to compare myself too. With being the baby of the griffin family along with only being understood by their dog brain griffin and sometimes other characters, Stewie is an intellectual infant, with mischievous tensions to rule the world, kill his mother, and be in bed by eight. Even though I think I’m pretty smart, compared to Stewie I’m probably a dumb bag of rocks. Stewie has made gun rays, a time machine, and a transporter for him to travel where ever and whenever. The most I’ve made is my dad’s father’s day project with macaroni, which is pretty depressing considering the fact that I’m an art major.
I’ve always wanted to rule the world one day, just probably not the same as Stewie. He wants to rule the world in tyranny and dictatorship. I would love to rule the world as well, but more in a nice guy way. For example, I’d rule the world like Obama with the USA, but I’d have superpowers and would use heat vision on anyone who disobeyed me. In my mind Stewie wouldn’t have a problem with my way of doing it, but then again who knows what he thinks he’s just a baby. In early episodes of Family Guy, Stewie plans and plots schemes of when and how to take over the world. These ideas are usually foiled either by his baby demeanor, his pet dog, or his mother Lois.
This is why Stewie tries to kill his mother on a regular basis. It’s well known fact that he hates his

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