Character Analysis Of Super Frog Saves Japan

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The main character who is described by himself as less than ordinary. He is no less than 5"3 in height. He is forty years old and works as a collections officer at the Tokyo Security Trust Bank. Balding and has diabetic tendencies. However, beyond being socially awkward and having a horrible life, as he puts it, he has this amazing personality. He took on one of the toughest jobs and yet, never say a word of complaint nor ask for something in return. He does not tend to yearn for spotlight and hog it from others. Although his way of living is quite awful. He's getting a potbelly and does not have a wife instead, sleeps with other women.
Described himself as a real frog, however, does not show any characteristic of a real frog, except for
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Shiraoka's character gives of two importance in the development of the story. One is, his phone call or the mention of his as the one Katagiri is talking to, shows that Frog may be true and is living in existence. That Frog really worked on that issue. Also, Mr. Shriaoka's appearance and phone call shows the strength of Frog and what he can do that is beyond just words.
The setting of the story is in Tokyo, Japan. Super Frog Saves Tokyo is a part of Murakami's book, after the quake, we believe that the story is set in Tokyo because this is where the center of Japan is. Murakami wanted to give us the image of busy and bustling people that would not even spare you a glance, this gives a clearer picture of the people that Katagiri would save from the massive and destructive earthquake.
Narrator & Point of View
The narrator is in third person and is an observer type, however, the point of view is in limited omniscient since the narrator could only read through Katagiri's head. Since we cannot even get glimpses on what's happening in Frog's mind, we could think that Frog is just a fragment of Katagiri's imagination, however, since the story is in third person, one cannot simply tell.
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Katagiri it isn’t. After Mr.Katagiri done his daily routine and finished his work. He went back to his empty apartment to find a six feet tall frog waiting for him and he was stunned because of it. He couldn’t move an inch because of the shock. The frog told Mr. Katagiri to hurry up and close the door but still he was shocked because the big frog was actually talking. After he came back to his senses he went inside the apartment and closed the door. Mr. Katagiri was still confuse if the frog was really real but the frog tell something to Mr. Katagiri that shocked him even more. The frog told Mr. Katagiri that there would be an earthquake in Tokyo at exactly 8:30 of February 18th and 150,000 of people will be dead due to this disaster. Mr.Katagiri was confused why the frog is telling him all this and then the frog said that he needs Mr. Katagiri to stop the earthquake. Mr. Frog told the details to Mr.Katagiri in order for him to understand the situation very well. It turns out that the one where Mr. Katagiri is working which is the Shinjuku branch of the Tokyo Security Trust Bank is the place where the epicenter of the earthquake that will happen. Mr.Frog said that underneath that branch is a giant worm who’s sleeping so deeply and when that worm wake up it will go in rage and that causes the earthquake. Mr. Katagiri ask if he is the one who will be slaying the worm because he thinks he is not strong enough to kill a

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