Character Analysis Of The Film 'Big Hero 6'

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The film Big Hero 6, is about Hiro, a 14 year old boy who creates an incredible invention called microbots to achieve his dream of enrolling into the San Fransokyo Institute of Technology. The microbots are tiny robots that are linked together through any way, shape, or form, through a neurotransmitter. However, trouble strikes as someone steals them, but Hiro and Tadashi, his deceased brother’s medical assistant robot Baymax save the day along with the other multiracial four heroes who were his Tadashi’s friends at the institute as they capture the villain. Big Hero 6, in particular, made me witness how Disney had began to endeavored taking a technological path, opposed to other films intended for children. I believe that Big Hero 6 stands out from all the other movies intended for kids, as from my analysis the movie made me see that it’s characters were mostly all centered around intellectual human-beings. But Disney still used a well-known cliche as they still put at least one unintelligent character in the movie, mostly due to comedic purposes. However, in Big Hero 6, there were some weaknesses that could’ve made this movie even better. The first weakness, was that the directors could’ve added more insight/backstory on how the Hamada household came to be. I felt like starting off with that to go along with the bot-fighting scene would connect must smoother to the movie. Giving the audience some insight/backstory to Big Hero 6, might specify maybe how their aunt became
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