Character Analysis Of The Great Gatsby

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F. Scott Fitzgerald set the story of a man named Gatsby in the lively city of New York during the 1920’s. There, readers are introduced to the erratic behavior of people during the era and solely rely on the memories and judgments of Nick Carraway to convey the occurrences of the novel. Nick’s narration is one of the devices which Fitzgerald utilizes to make the claims he does throughout the story. He makes use of the characteristics he gave Nick towards articulating the idea that it is possible to fail someone and lead them to destruction in a silent and nonchalant manner as well as an outright and blatant manner. While Tom and Daisy’s role remains conspicuous and discernible, He allows Nick to unknowingly implicate himself in Gatsby’s collapse as well. The account of events given by Nick gave Fitzgerald the opportunity to develop this position in a coherent conduct that would not have arisen had Nick been the honest, respectable narrator that one wishes to see in the story. Instead we are given a passive, inconsistent, contradictory, and morally ambiguous view of the plot. The audience must look through Nick’s indifferent eyes and only gain insight from Nick’s minds, yet even in his telling, his faulty actions still remain visible through the haze provided by the pivotal characters and the hectic New York landscape. Nick failed Gatsby through his passive conduct regarding Gatsby’s past and his connection to the world on a much broader spectrum. Nick was at arms
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