Character Analysis Of The Hanging Garden By Toshiaki Toyoda

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Based on the homonymous book by Mitsuyo Kakuta, Hanging Garden is Toshiaki Toyoda's best movie to date.
The Kyobashis appear to be a regular family of four members: Eriko, the mother, retains a part time employment in a restaurant, otherwise busying herself with housekeeping; Takashi, the father, is a regular salary man; the two kids, Mana and Ko, 16 and 14 years old respectively, are students. What makes the family special is that they have agreed, following an initiative of Etsuko's, not to have any secrets from and always be sincere with each other. Presumably, this results into constant awkward situations.
However, as the script deepens on the characters, the facade of regularity shutters. Takashi, who has not had intercourse with his wife for five years, retains two extramarital relationships, with whom he often engages in sadomasochistic acts, one of which is his spouse's colleague. The other one, at some point, is hired by his son to tutor him, thus her regular visit at their home. Ko, clearly has sexual inclinations towards her and even asks her to have intercourse with him. Mana, who rarely attends school, spends her time shopping at the department store, getting photographed for adult magazines and even having sex with strangers.
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Ryuhei, the father is a successful senior member of a company with a more than adequate income. At some point though, he is dismissed thus resulting in the egress of the family's issues. Shamed by his dismissal, he keeps it a secret, by hypocritically continuing his everyday routine. What he actually does though, is that he goes to the employment agency in the morning and spends the remainder of the day roaming the streets, until his usual time of getting home arrives. At some point, he meets Kurosu, another individual like him, who explains that there are a lot of men in their situation and eves shows him some tricks to better conceal the very

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