Character Analysis Of The House Of The Scorpions

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In the beginning of the story, “The House of the Scorpions,” the setting starts off in the future in an area in Mexico and Opium. The first character that is introduced is Matt, a clone in Mexico that no one like because of him being a clone. The main conflict in the story is that since Matt is a clone no one will ever accept him for who he is because clones aren’t liked due to them not being like humans. He comes to Opium knowing no one but a girl named Celia who is a chief cook and Matt’s caregiver. Many different characters were introduced along the way. Some who were greedy and cruel and others who were helpful with Matt and helped him get to where he needed to be. The ending of the book was resolved when Matt discovered that everyone at El Patron's party had died because of the wine that was served at the party. Matt had again arrived at Opium and he finally became patron of Opium. He also found out that Maria, a younger daughter of Senator Mendoza who was a powerful politician in the United States and father of Maria and Emilia, found her mother, Esperanza. He was quite devastated to find out that they finally met each other but he had to deal with it anyway one way or another. Lastly, Matt spoke to Tam-Lin, his bodyguard, and Tam Lin encouraged Matt to keep going on and that he can do it.
Throughout the story a character named El Patron, a original Matteo Alacran who is a powerful drug lord, gets introduced. We find out that El patron is very full of himself who
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