Character Analysis Of The Movie 'Claire Standish'

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Claire Standish is the typical popular, mainstream, and rich prom ruler at her high school. When she decided to ditch school and instead go to the mall she got served a Saturday Detention . Claire’s parents also don't have the best relationship and they mostly use Claire as an excuse to get at each other's throats. Claire is stuck up, snooty, and has clearly stated that she will not hang out with you if your so called not popular at school. In the movie she also states that she her decisions mostly are not based on her own feelings, but her peers and parents feelings or so called, peer pressure. Abraham Maslow’s meaning of self actualization is one to reach his full potential or of one’s true self. From a humanistic standpoint, Claire’s …show more content…

The id basically just wants pleasure and to avoid pain. The id focuses on the pleasure principle, or a desire to reduce tensions and to gain immediate satisfaction without counting the cost. For example, when John Bender leaves to go smoke his bag of marijuana, Claire is seen going with him without any hesitation. Claire doesn't at all think about the consequences or punishments she would receive from her parents or even the school. She decides to do it for pleasure and in order to avoid pain throughout her detention. It seems as though Claire had no ego or superego at all during this scene. In Erik Erikson's stages of development, the identity vs role confusion theory coincides with Claire’s life tremendously. The identity vs role confusion is a theory where basically the question, “Who am I?” pops up to the teens head many times in order for them to find out what type of person are they. The teens usually hang out with many social groups or act a certain way in order to fit in with the norm or to feel at all comfortable with who they are. The identity vs role confusion usually involves teens who go through the ages of twelve through eighteen. In Claire’s perspective she experiences she experiences this theory in a way that she just tries to go with the flow. She just suppresses feelings just because she has no real friends or parents in her life. She has no grip on her personality

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