Character Analysis Of The Novel 'The Catcher In The Rye'

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For the novel “The Catcher in the Rye”, I decided to write about Robert Ackley and Ward Stradlater. I decided to write about them because they seem to have plenty of character in the novel and they also were very well-spoken of. Ackley had some anger towards Ward Stradlater due to his superior attitude. I personally believe it was just because Stradlater was popular and self-centered while Ackley was someone who had too much negativity holding inside within himself. Every time Ackley would barge into Holden and Stradlater’s dorm, he’d double check to see if Stradlater was around. If he wasn’t, he’d walk in, but if he was, he wouldn’t attempt to do so. Robert Ackley was Holden’s next-door neighbor in the dorms at Pency Prep. No one calls him by his first name, it’s usually just Ackley. He gets upset if he gets called “Ackley kid”. Ackley is 6’4 and has rounded shoulders. He is acknowledged to have an extremely bad hygiene with lousy, mossy and awful looking teeth. According to Holden, he would hardly even brush. Ackley has a face covered with pimples and has unhygienic ears. He always had a bored or tired tone as he spoke. He never seemed lively for anything. His personality is known as being truly terrible. He pretty much disliked everyone. He also wasn’t very social. For example, Holden had invited him to go out and watch a movie with a friend of his, and Ackley would ask who else was going due to being highly antisocial. Ackley was simply careless and had despicable
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