Character Analysis Of The Outsiders

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In the book “The Outsiders,” written by S.E. Hinton, the characters were divided by how rich or poor their family was. The rich children were called the Socs, which is short for Socials, and also known as the “West Side Kids.” The poor children were called the Greasers, mostly because they always had greasy hair and never bothered to get a haircut. The Greasers live on the hood side, the East side, which is where they get into gang fights. The main character and narrator of this book is Ponyboy, he is a greaser. Ponyboy’s parents died in an auto wreck so he lives with his two older brothers, Soda and Darry. Whether it’s going to a Catholic school or public school, the way you dress, or the car you drive, people in our world today are divided the same way the Greasers and the Socs were.
In our world today, the type of school you attend often shows the amount of money your family has. Most kids who go to a public school cannot afford to pay for schooling. Therefore, they would be known as the Greasers. The children that attend a Catholic School, who pay thousands of dollars for schooling, would be known as the Socs. This can also be seen in the type of colleges people choose to go to. People who go to community college are similar to the Greasers because they are usually poorer and are trying to save money. On the other hand, people who attend very expensive colleges are like the Socs because they are able to afford an expensive college.
Another division in wealth in
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