Character Analysis Of The Play 'Girl Who Cried Wolf'

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Caesar Cruz once said, "Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comforted." A true artist’s purpose in life is not to entertain but is to change the way the way audiences view the world and each other. The playwright by Angela Betzien challenges the audience to view the world they live in a different light. Throughout the play, Girl Who Cried Wolf, the audience is forced to see that not everything is as it seems and the world around them is made up of a web of lies and truths.
Throughout the dramatic action, Girl Who Cried Wolf, the theme of popularity and a hierarchy are used to make the drama relate more to a teenage audience. Teenagers often feel the need to fit in at school or be like others in their friendship group. Subsequently, if people don't meet the social standings of their peers or classmates, they may become unpopular of portrayed as ‘weird' or ‘a loner'. In this play, Laura is portrayed as the ‘Black Sheep'. Laura is classed as the unpopular ‘weird girl' who feels the need to lie to fit in. Many teenagers can relate to Laura, as they may also be unpopular and feel as though they need to be like everyone else and fit in.
Girl Who Cried Wolf is a uniquely Australian Gothic play, which utilises conventions typical of this style which includes the sublime and uncanny and power. The sublime and uncanny is used in this play to create mystery and suspense. It leads the audience to question what is real and what is a lie. In this play, many scenes are made

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