Character Analysis Of The Sound Of Thunder

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Imagine a world with a public time machine. No license, no objections. But you will have to know what you going into because whatever you do will have an effect in the world. In the story, The Sound of Thunder, by Ray Bradbury, Eckels, the main character, experienced this message in a very violent way. Although Eckels is brave, curious and courageous beyond measure, he is far from admirable because his selfish and impulsive behaviors made him unaware of his surroundings in ways that drastically harm others and the world around him. Eckels is not a good character in this story because of his bad acts. Ray Bradbury is basically expressing a good idea in a more elaborated version of it. He is saying that all actions have consequences. Eckels…show more content…
If he is brave enough to do what he signed up for, kill the dinosaur, there would not have been such a big problem in the whole story. He wouldn’t have stepped off the path, drastically change the future and not get killed at the end. “‘It can’t be killed.’ Eckels pronounced this verdict quietly as if there could be no argument. He had weighed the evidence and this was his considered opinion. The rifle in his hands seemed a cap gun. ‘We were fools to come. This is impossible.’” (Bradbury 77) Thinking it is “impossible” made just Eckels afraid of the dinosaur. Eckels is never even ready for this, unlike the other hunters who went on this trip. Even though he is a professional hunter, Eckels is too afraid to fight the beast because of its look. Eckels is suffering because he did not pay any attention to his surroundings. “‘Why, why,’ Eckels twitched his mouth. ‘It could reach up and grab the moon.’” (Bradbury 77) Eckels is not even ready to go near the dinosaur because of the amazing size, the look of it, and the thought that “it could reach up and grab the moon.” He did not want to kill it because it is too overpowered. But he didn’t think about the others. If he thought about the others, he would have waited for Lesperance and Travis to tell them what to do because they were very experienced in what everyone is doing right now. Lastly, the fact that all actions have consequences is shown when Eckels accidentally stood on the butterfly. Ray Bradbury showed
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