Character Analysis Of The Time Of The Doves

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The Time of the Doves, by Mercè Rodoreda, can be described as a physiological novel, it focuses heavily on the development of its characters, especially that of the protagonist, Natalia. Rodoreda’s use of stream of consciousness narration allows the reader to immerse themselves in Natalia’s thoughts and emotions to better understand her decisions throughout the novel. She can initially be described as a meek, mild, young woman who is easily persuaded. As the novel progresses, Rodoreda’s protagonist’s character undergoes many changes, she normalizes many aspects of her abusive relationship and years later learns from them. Rodoreda’s protagonist encapsulates the lives of many women during the early to mid-1900’s, she presents their lack of knowledge to combat the restraints they are bound with, in relationships and various other aspects of their lives. Natalia’s character can be applied universally to many women during the 1930’s and 40’s, as per many women in this time period, she is unhappily married but has no way of fixing her situation. As stated by Natalia, “My mother had never told me about men. She and my father had spent many years quarreling and many more not even speaking to each other” (28). Rodoreda shows how Natalia is ignorant to healthy relationships and knows even less about men in general because it has never been discussed with her, leading the reader to understand a taboo of the time period. Natalia is near powerless to even attempt to leave Quimet, she

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