Character Analysis Of Tom Sawyer

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Having complicated characters in a book makes the story more interesting, as well as enjoyable to read. Tom Sawyer is one of those kinds of characters that is very complicated and sometimes hard to put into one group, such as likable or dislikable. The book Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain, is about a boy, age twelve, named Tom who lives in a small town in Missouri. He lives with his Aunt, Aunt Polly. The Mississippi River, which runs very close to the town is often the center of the excitement. The story is about how Tom grows up in the small town, and the adventures he and his friends have. I think that even though Tom does do some very brave and admirable things, the author, Mark Twain, wants us to think of Tom as a character to dislike. For example, Tom often gets his friends into trouble. Also, Tom does sometimes steal things. When it is little things he is stealing, like a doughnut from Aunt Polly, it seems okay. But when it is bigger things from somebody else, it is a big deal because whatever he stole could be important to that person, or it could be necessary for them to survive. However, Tom is not only dislikable. He has done some very good things and it is easy to see why many people would like him. For example, even when Tom runs away to be a pirate, he still feels that he should say his prayers, even though nobody is there to tell him he has to. He can also be very kind to his friends, and help them when they are stuck in difficult situations, or when they are in
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