Character Analysis On Everybody Loves Raymond

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Everybody loves Raymond is a show that was first released during the year of 1996 and ran all the way to 2005. The show is centered around Ray Barone, a talented sports writer who constantly has to put up with his wife, brother, kids, and even parents. Raymond is generally very sarcastic, no matter what the situation, and he does just about everything in his power to not have to deal with his kids. Instead he leaves most of the responsibilities of child care and cleaning to his wife, Debra. Although Everybody Loves Raymond manages to pull off being a wonderful show, it still plays into the stereotypical behavior of Gender roles, which ultimately prevents society from making any real progress.
At the beginning of episode 1, “Pilot” it is revealed that the sole provider of the house hold is Raymond, while Debra is revealed to be a stay at home mother. This feeds into the belief that men are always the primary bread winners of a household, not women. From the moment Raymond walks into his house he goes from a successful sports writer to an an absentminded father who only cares about eating, having sex, and not knowing the first thing about kids, let alone taking care of them. Debra has the opposite problem, she is primarily seen with the kids all the time. It is very rare to ever have her on screen and not have the kids with her. This feeds into the stereotype that not only are women expected to be stay at home mothers, but that it should be expected because men are not as good
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