Character Analysis: Personal Statement

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Paul Lugs Letter If there I one person who has truly turned his life around and has become a success, it is my nephew Paul Lugs. Paul is a caring, sensitive and loving person whom I have known his entire life. He has a great sense of humor and is always willing to help anytime. For the last five years he has been employed with the same company, is married with three beautiful children of his own, maintains a lovely household, and is one of the most responsible and mature persons I know. I have watched Paul grow from a child into an adult who is now a responsible citizen, dedicated employee, family man, and all around good person. Paul works for a company which audits grocery stores like Ralph's and Albertson's and is very dedicated to his job. He has never had any trouble at work, gets along well with others, takes on responsibility, is honest, exhibits integrity, and always completes assignments. Paul is not only well respected at work, but often assumes leadership roles, making certain everything is completed properly. As this work consists of using computers, Paul is also well versed in the latest computer technology, as well as the retail grocer business. He also maintains social contacts with his coworkers outside of the workplace, and many of his friends are coworkers. My nephew is also a family man who spends much of his free time with his wife and children; going to the park, attending school events, and spending a great deal of quality time with them. In
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