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Character Analysis Sammy Text “A&P” by John Updike In the story of “A&P” by John Updike Sammy is the narrator. He is a nineteen year old young man who portrays a normal teenager by having a summer job like most teenagers do. He had a common summer job at a grocery store. He held the position as a cashier throughout the story until he ended up having a dynamic change. Throughout most of the story his actions would be considered assertive to most readers. He is very particular with every detail of all of the other characters in the story. He does with go a dynamic change from the beginning to the end of the story by becoming a very sympathetic character. The narrator early on in the story shows how he is able to see every little…show more content…
“Did you say something, Sammy?” “I said I quit.” “I thought you did.” “You didn't have to embarrass them.” “It was they who were embarrassing us.” I started to say something that came out “Fiddle-de-doo.” It's a saying of my grandmother's, and I know she would have been pleased. “I don’t' think you know what you're saying,” Lengel said. “I know you don't,” I said. “But I do.” (262-263) The dynamic change that the narrator experiences at the end of the short story is that he becomes more sympathetic. He starts to see that sometimes you have to take a stand for what you believe in. He did not want to be apart of what had just happened at the store with the girls. From the way other customers were judging them by the way they were dressed. Along with how the store manager embarrassed them with their inappropriate appearance. In my opinion he would not have had such a dynamic change in the story if the store manager would have addressed this in a different manner. The manager could have approached the three girls individuality in a private setting instead of getting into an altercation in front of all the customers in the store. The way of knowing he was making a dynamic change in the story is when he quit. He learned that it was time to make a stand in his life for what he did not feel was right. He has witnessed first hand how hard life is going to be. In a short time he saw how

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