Character Analysis : Scene 5 Of Romeo And Juliet

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In Act II: Scene 5, Juliet who is deeply in love impatiently waits for the Nurse to return with news from Romeo about wedding plans. Juliet’s upset with the Nurse considering her belief messages about love should be fast as thought, “Love's heralds should be thoughts, which move ten times faster than light from the sun.” Regardless of the Nurses old age, Juliet’s accusing her of not having feelings considering she knows of Juliet’s eagerness. At first, Juliet thinks the Nurse could not find Romeo. Juliet even begins to put down old people saying they’re all slow, “But old folks, many feign as they were dead, Unwieldy, slow, heavy and pale as lead.” When the Nurse returns she calls her a nice word, “Honey.”
The Nurse begins by teasing Juliet by withholding the news of the upcoming wedding, and mentions walking all around Verona caused her an aching back, and other pains. Juliet expresses further frustration, the Nurse decides to finally tell Juliet of the news in a stifling way. First, the Nurse mentions how Juliet made a foolish choice of choosing Romeo to be her husband. Then, the Nurse begins to speak highly of Romeo admitting to him being a handsome man and, “gentle as a lamb.” The Nurse is using verbal irony here by saying one thing and really meaning another she feels Romeo is a good match for Juliet. Furthermore, the Nurse doesn’t really think Juliet is making a foolish choice and tells her to do as she pleases with him.
Juliet persists on discovering the news that
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