Character Analysis: Sun Pharmaceutical Industries And Ranbaxy

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To protect the business from the drastic downfall, many firms chose to take a step by making business combinations. Stepping towards M&A is a winning way to combine to successful alike business. With M&A synergy power of the two companies are combined to crater a business that is most suitable for the demand of the market and its stakeholders. Merger is a case where the acquired company deliberately delivers it assets and liabilities in the hands of the acquiring company. As a result, the company being acquired can survive another phases of competition in business cycle. However, the phenomena of merger and acquisitions of the two businesses would certainly leave an impact on its stakeholders; it may be negative or positive. Due to the financial stress of the company being acquired the stakeholders may feel the off-putting impact and hence it is quite obvious for the stakeholders to be nervous and uneasy at the kick-off of the initial phase of M&A.
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The burst in M&A tendency in pharmaceutical sector is an inception to make the industry look like a pyramid. The present study is based on recent merger of Sun Pharmaceutical Industries and Ranbaxy; Sun Pharmaceutical Industries is a multinational pharmaceutical company having strong presence in the generic drug market in India. The company has a tremendous track record of 20 successful acquisitions. Sun Pharma after acquisition of Ranbaxy became India’s 1st and world’s 5th largest generic drug making company. Our study deals with impact of acquisition on financial health and profitability of the company. To come to a conclusion pre-acquisition and post-acquisition financial data have been
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