Character Analysis : ' Super Kid '

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Super Kid

Penelope Black never thought herself “good” or “bad”. She wasn’t on anyone’s side except her own. Everything she did was for her own benefit. So, when she had obtained extraordinary powers on her 11th birthday---powers that only existed in fiction, she did not plan to fight villains or support the heroes. Not that there was anyone else with her magnificent gifts. She had considered telling her little sister, Valerie about these powers. Valerie was her most favourite person in the world and also her only trusted confidante. The one reason that stopped her from telling Valerie was a dream. The night before she received her abilities, she dreamed of herself flying and turning invisible. In it she performed impossible feats, such as throwing an elephant in the air with her hands. It was all fine, until she gathered a crowd and continued to show off her powers. Then, she died. Things like that were not coincidences. Ever since, she abused her gifts. She eavesdropped by turning invisible, punished those who did wrong to her, brought objects over with telekinesis, walked through walls and flew instead of walking. Penelope did not think she was lazy. It was simply an efficient way to get rid of everyday inconveniences. So for two years, Penelope continued that way. She tried to control her abilities, which would at times not obey her commands or were weakened. She seldom questioned the morality of her actions. Throughout those years, subtle changes took place.…
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