Character Analysis: The Crew, The Godfather, Tarantino

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Tarantino, Scene One.

Main Characters :
The Crew, The Godfather, Tarantino

Setting :
New York\\: Brooklyn , Queens , Downtown

What do they do :
Robb Bank , Give Money to Leader, Keep Some for Personal Use, Quit Mafia

What is the catalyst that starts the rising action :
The Leader decides to get rich and expand mafia Operations.

Scene Two

What is the Adventure :

The mafia is plotting a heist to hold up a bank to expand mafia operations, The crew leader “ tarantino “ keeps some money and leaves the mob.

How are minor events leading to the Climax :
All minor events create a story that allows a reader \ Player to envision a story, not a document.

How are the Characters changing :

The leader “ tarantino “ is going through deep thought about the mob, he decides to keep a duffel bag of money for himself and leaves the mob with a fear of being killed for his actions.
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Scene Three


Tarantino leads his crew onto the banks roof to plant poison in the vents. They then enter through the ventilation shaft { with gas masks } and descend into the vault. They blast through the Vault and begin loading duffel bags with stolen cash. As Tarantino is loading the bags with his crew he Thinks about how evil the godfather really is. when they are driving back to the residence Tarantino skims off two bags of cash and leaves the mob. they later hunt him down and shoot him for stealing but he survives and spends the next 2 weeks in the hospital with a bullet in his skull.

Scene 4 Falling Action

Things end very messy because tarantino is shot in the head for treason but he survives and is in the hospital for two weeks. He has to change his name so the mob cannot track him down and kill him for

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