Character Analysis : ' The Curse Words On The Wall '

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Chapters 25-26 Left Side Journal At this point, I was struggling to understand the ending and why Holden wouldn’t tell us what happened after him. I was curious of what will happen in the last chapter and I expected so much, but the ending was honestly really disappointing. Not only for me, but everyone else who has read this book. It can be inferred, but I wish I had clarification from Holden himself what had happened. Again, I still focused on finding major themes. One of the examples of the theme of immaturity is the curse words on the wall. I focused more on that because it supported the idea that Holden doesn’t want to grow up. However, I think there is something more to it where Holden finally realized that he can’t not grow up, but he is still upset that there are these curse words around Phoebe’s school, knowing that little kids wonder what those words mean. Again, I did not sympathize with Holden because he doesn’t seem interested at all about changing his unhealthy lifestyle. Wherever he is, whether in a psych ward or hospital, it is evident that he still doesn’t apply himself to the real world to try to get better.
Chapters 25-26 Right Side Journal
Chapter 25
Holden gets frightened when someone shows him some affection. Why is that and how is it significant?
Why is Holden sure that he has cancer and why is he so nonchalant about it?
Why was he scared that no one would ever see him again? How does this contradict the theme of isolation?
Why was he angry…

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