Character Analysis: The Grapes Of Wrath By Jaron

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Characters: Matt, Sam, Joe, George, Justin, Harry, Jaron, BIlly, Chris zhane, Ben, Bob ( NOT GUILTY) Sam: time frame became extended, they started to discuss if Tom is guilty or not. Justin: I feel Tom is guilty because she wouldn’t lie under oath. She said ‘’ I positively did,’’. When Mr.Gilmer had asked her’’ You say you fought him off as hard as you could? ‘’ She wouldn’t lie about that. Jaron: He is so guilty she would never want that boy on her. How could she? Zhane: But when Mr. Finch asked “Did you ever, at any time, go on the Ewell property, did you ever set foot on the Ewell property without an express invitation from one of them?” without any hesitation he had told his answer right away saying, “No suh, Mr.Finch, I never did. I wouldn’t do that, suh.”…show more content…
I asked her who hurt her and she said it was Tom Robinson”. This piece of evidence is useful because she was so positive and she didn’t change her answer today she’s clearly in her right mind. Joe: I agree she seems sure and I don’t think she’d say it was him if it wasn’t. Why would she not tell the truth? The rapist would still be out if she didn’t tell the truth.She wouldn’t want that. Ben: I really don’t believe this Tom Robinson had done it. Atticus asked him and I quotes”Did you harm her in anyway?” When Tom answered that question he answered honest I can tell that man ain’t do a thang. Billy I say he’s as guilty as can be Ben, If he wasn’t we wouldn’t be here. Know would we? Harry: All this evidence that shows tom is guilty is greater than the evidence that shows he could not
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