Character Analysis : ' The Hell '

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After dinner Zach invited Jack to his bedroom as he wanted to talk to him about something. Zach wanted to see just how willing was Jack to go in order to do his job. Zach asked if Jack had ever been with another man in the past. Jack had a very surprised look on his face and did not immediately know how to respond to this question.
"I have never bbeen with another man and quite honestly am not exactly sure what to expect from that kind of encounter."
"Look it 's not that big of a deal, it is no different than when youwere with your wife or with one of the girls from town, you just are doing this with a man and the equipment might be a little different."
"Okay I must admit that is a different type of thing for a deputy to go through but what the hell I will try anything once.
Jack stood there in Gary 's room and was wondering what the next step for these two was going to be. Jack had never been with another man and was wondering how exactly he was going to react Gary was a very sexually attractive man and deep down Jack was turned on slightly by the sight of the Sheriff in huis red union suit. Gary removed his shirt and slowly went over to Gary and had a seat on the edge of the Sheriff 's bed.
"Look Sheriff, this is the first time I have been with a man in any shape or form. I don 't want to come across as being overly…
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