Character Analysis : ' The Odyssey '

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When sons think about growing up and becoming adults, their fathers are their perfect role models. A son wants to have the same job as his father, have the same personality, and be able to impress his father to the best of his ability. When a father is absent from his son’s childhood, the son may try to live up to the stories he hears about his dad, while in other cases, the son may try to avoid any thought of how his father is portrayed. Without a father, a child often seeks out mentors to compensate for the lack of guidance. In The Odyssey, Telemachus grows up hearing stories about his father. His mother, Penelope, and servants in the palace build an image, in Telemachus’ mind, that his father, Odysseus, is a great fighter and hero. With the help of a goddess and mentor, Athena, Telemachus aspires to impress his father by becoming the man he thinks Odysseus would want him to be. Holden, on the other hand, does not have a great relationship with his father. After Holden’s brother, Allie, dies, Holden is sent away to boarding school and learns how to grow up on his own. Unlike Telemachus who hopes to someday join forces with his father, Holden wants nothing to do with his father. Telemachus and Holden both look to adults for the guidance they do not receive from their absent fathers, but while Athena helps Telemachus become a confident, brave man, like his father, Holden fails to find a mentor who can help him become the bravely non-conformist man he’d like to be; unlike The…
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