Character Analysis: The Zodiac Collection

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Heroes from the Multiverse travel from the North the South Pole of the Earth, from the deep sea to the top of the mysterious mountains. They don't kill evil. They destroy generations of them. The Zodiac Collection brings together 4 novellas introducing the incredible journeys our supernatural heroes go through to safeguard humankind. ASH OF SCORPIO - BLOODSTONE TRILOGY - PREQUEL When hope turns into ashes, hero rises Imagine a time when the Arctic ice sinks. In the snow, she rises a heroine who wins the battle of the last mage tribe in Greenland, saves humankind, and makes sacrifices. Sedna is one of the best in her business as a professional antique dealer. That is what she considers a day job - a facade of her paranormal …show more content…

That is none of her business until he asks her not only to forgive him for what he did but to help him fight against her own tribe. VIRGO - MINDSCAPE TRILOGY - EPILOGUE Imagine if it was hot in Antarctica! Watching the polar caps burn.
 Madeline is no longer a journalist in New York, but her connection during the peak of her career deems to be useful when she needs to assist her husband, Ciaran, to stop a plot in the paranormal world, that might destroy the Antarctica and Earth.
 The only weapon they have is their Silver Blood. The only contact they have is a retired journalist living in Argentina. Yet they fight the vicious paranormal and space creatures to obtain the Virgo key to save Earth.
 PISCES - MERWORLD TRILOGY - PREQUEL Computer hacker, Lorcan, is finishing the last spy job so that he could come home and propose to his childhood sweet heart. Unfortunately, the job goes wrong and he is trapped in a magical world underneath the deep sea where mer-creatures hunt for a secret key they think he has stolen. LIBRA - SPECTRUM OF MAGIC - EPILOGUE Imagine if Asia, Australia, Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean vanish with the wrong turn of a

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