Character Analysis: Tyler

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Everyone in life has their own set of problems at one time or another, but what says the most about a person’s character is the way they chose to act in spite of all the troubles they have faced, such is the case with Tyler Johnson. When speaking to Tyler there is no trace of the hidden burdens he carries; not in the genuine excitement for life in his eyes, his constant easy-going smile, or the way in which he carries himself. It is hard to believe someone with so much happiness to give and spread has had to deal with the struggles he has, especially at such a young age. While Tyler has inarguably dealt with more than his fair share of life’s hardships, he chose to make the most of his struggles by overcompensating with a sunny disposition,…show more content…
Not only did he become responsible for himself when he was barely a teenager, he also did his best to care for his younger sister as well. When he turned 16, he got a job and worked to pay for everything he and his sister needed including weekly groceries and school supplies. Before his grandpa gave him his used car late last year, he would often walk about 6 miles from work to his house when his friends could not give him a ride home. He would leave the store at 10:00 when his shift ended not to make it home until about midnight. It was not an easy childhood to say the least, and he had to grow up much faster than most people in order to just survive. It would have been easy for him to make the same mistakes his mother made, but what makes his story so different is that he did just the…show more content…
He said that without the horrible things he had to go through, he would not be the same person he is today. He told me that without that sense of urgency he felt after he became totally independent, he may never have applied himself and pushed himself so hard in order to succeed. Unlike most people our age, he has a very strong sense of self and is incredibly focused and self motivated. He has used his negative experiences to his advantage, all simply by the way in which he views thing. He refuses to become jaded and focus on the unconstructive things, choosing instead to focus on the things that go right, and the good that comes out of the
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