Character Analysis : ' Voice '

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Hayati Cakici
Joshua Reid
ENGL 2430
01 August 2014
Persona Poems’ Voice In today’s world some of us work for others. It was not different in the past either. Some people work and sacrifice themselves to make others to live comfortable, as it is explicitly emphasized in The Metamorphosis by Kafka. Kafka had very complicated childhood. He did not have splendid relationships neither with his family, or with the society he lived in. That is why he always felt overwhelmed and isolated. The live was not fair to him at all. He used part of his own life story in the Metamorphosis. He did explain beginnings and ends in his great novel. Therefore Metamorphosis still stands as a hidden and arguable story. It is still unclear, why Kafka chose a bug as the burden. But despite this there are some signs of his intensions and feelings. He reveals some of his intentions in the story. Kafka chose symbolical bug to explain his life story. I will probe questions such why a bug? What does the bug represent? How Kafka related Gregor’s life to his. Since Kafka does not give an explicit reason about why he chose a cockroach for his story, perhaps it is just an image of his life. Kafka wrote The Metamorphosis as result of his life. “He was never quite satisfied with his relationships with women or with his family.” (Kafka 1878). As we understand from the text, Kafka had many failures in his life like Gregor. Kafka was forced by his father to be a successful businessman. Which he did not want to
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