Essay about Character Analysis: Zeus and Prometheus

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Basically we have two myths here, each about Prometheus. The stories basically both agree that Prometheus stole fire from Zeus and gave it to man against Zeus’ approval. Though Prometheus is considered a trickster and stole fire, his real crime is a disobedience to Zeus. However, in that statement it is hard to consider caring for man or humans a crime. It is obvious in both stories that Zeus’ reign is sovereign, and Prometheus went against Zeus’ sovereignty. However, what Prometheus did was good for the human race. In Zeus’ eye, man was considered inferior and he wanted man to be destroyed. If Prometheus had not hidden the flame inside a fennel-stalk and gave it to man, we as a people probably would not have advance according to the…show more content…
With that it is hard to make a determination that Zeus is at fault. Hesiod version in Theogony and Works and Day, gives the impression of Zeus as scorned, angry, and justified for punishing Prometheus. This is the difference between the two stories. In Prometheus Bound, Prometheus is silent during the shackling, and only speaks once the chains are complete and he has been left alone. I believe this makes us as a reader even more eager to hear what Prometheus has to say in defense. In Hesiod, there is not a concentration or focus to hear Prometheus' side, though as a reader the scene we are seeing is from the point of view of Zeus. Hesiod version gets a much more look at what Zeus thinks, feels and says than Prometheus. In Prometheus Bound, however, Zeus does not show up or have a speaking part, while Prometheus is the main character of the whole play. Despite the absence of Zeus in Prometheus Bound a reader can still get a great deal of description of and how Zeus rules the Gods and creation. It seems very different from the scene a reader can get in the Hesiod. Zeus is vilified in Prometheus Bound. He is the villain in my impression from the author. Zeus has inflicted the same punishment on Prometheus in both stories, but the brutality of this punishment is emphasized more in Prometheus Bound and all the characters in the story or play, except for Strength, show disdain toward this tragic and harsh punishment.
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