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Dhanapati Acharya 1010 College Composition 1 Essay 1(Revision)

In Jhumpa Lahiri’s ‘Interpreter of Maladies’ Mr. Kapasi , the main character, seems to be a person with mixed feelings. He does not seem to have fixed stand neither in his job nor on his thoughts. His thoughts and experience are structured by the strict cultural society of India. His hidden wants and desires suppressed by the community rules are looking for way to come out. The consequence is his changing thoughts and desires which at different parts of the story appear differently and brings
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He started getting worried that she would be leaving him soon. “When do you return to America?” he asked. He wanted to be with her for life long. All this feelings and thoughts filled his mind in a matter of hours. He swung in his thought from knowing her to having private time with her in matter of hours. This shows that he had no control over his thoughts. He was losing control of himself overwhelmed by his thoughts and desires.

But this thought did not last long. When only two of them were sitting together in the car, after Mr. Das and the kids left for trekking, at the hills at Udayagiri and khandagiri they had some private conversations. This conversation, all of a sudden changed the thoughts of Mr. Kapasi towards Mrs. Das. His thoughts changed from deserving her so much to doubting her behavior. When talking about Bobby Mrs. Das said, “he is not his.” This quotation brought abrupt change in him. He felt prickle on his skin. He reached into his shirt pocket for the small tin of lotus-oil balm he carried with him at all times, and applied it to three spots on his forehead. He was shocked by this news, totally shocked. She did not even hesitate to tell how she made silent love with one of the friend of Mr. Das and as a result of which Bobby was born. This was totally unacceptable to Mr. Kapasi. He had not expected a woman to disclose this

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