Character Analysis in Death of a Salesman, by Arthur Miller

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Perhaps it is due to the abandonment by his father that Willy Loman experienced at a very young age, or the subsequent abandonment, a few years later of his older brother Ben, that underlies the reason Willy so desperately seeks to be loved and accepted. He continually makes reference to being “well liked” as being of the utmost importance. Physical appearance, worldly admiration, and the opinion of others are more important to Willy than the relationship he has with his own family. These and several other references throughout “Death of a Salesman” portray the troubled relationship between Willy and his two sons, Biff and Happy.
The name Willy, which we realize is short for William, is a rather silly name. However, it might suggest
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However, Happy dismisses Biff and turns the conversation to Willy and his slip from reality.
Biff continues to lament how he wandered around the West for awhile and Happy is dishonest about his professional accomplishments but brags on about his personal conquests. The two brothers cannot find peace in the reality of their lives and they never quite feel good enough to simply be who they are so they continue the course of deception in their relationship. If the boys were honest with one another they might discover that the lives they are living will never fulfill them. Instead, the boys develop the “Loman Brothers” plan (1239).” Throughout the story, Biff struggles with the actuality of himself and tries on several occasions to implore Happy to understand that the life Willy created is artificial. Nonetheless, Happy cannot bring himself to face it and instead tells Biff that the Florida idea would somehow restore Biff to his former glory “There’d be the old honor, and comradeship” (1240) Biff acquiesces and makes the decision to ask Bill Oliver for money to help start the business, again keeping up the charade.
Biff fails to get the loan from Mr. Oliver and meets Happy at the restaurant. He confesses his failure to Happy who tries to convince him that they must not tell Willy. Biff insists on having the straightforward conversation with Willy, however, Willy starts to get angry and slips into delusion again. Frightened, Happy and Biff hurriedly
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