Character Analysis of Aaron the Moor in Shakespeare´s Titus Andronicus

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The audience of the play would be so quick to rule Aaron as a purely evil character, the most evil of all the other characters. However, a deeper analysis of Aaron shows that despite his villainy, he still has a human side which he shows towards his son, and that his dark skin has made him a victim of racism, which might have influenced his character, and developed his evil nature that he enjoys. Aaron's status is more complicated than just purely evil, and on the whole, he can be a sympathetic character.

In the play "Titus Andronicus", the theme of parents and children is clearly visible, and the audience get to see a humanitarian side of the presumably purely evil Aaron, that he shows towards his son. Unlike the hero of the play, Titus, who does not hesitate to "slay his son in a wrongful quarrel"(Shakespeare 1.1.294) and disown him:"Nor thou, nor he, are any sons of mine; my son's would never so dishonour me"(Shakespeare 1.1.295-296), Aaron refuses that his son be killed, and makes it clear that he "shall not die"(Shakespeare 4.2.81) and that he who touches his son "will die upon his scimitar's sharp point"(Shakespeare 4.2.91-92).Some might argue that Aaron's actions towards his son are simply egotistical ,and that he sees the boy as a means of perpetuating his own evil…
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